dog listening with big ear



From the Editor,
Winter 2016-2017

Who among us didn’t have a favorite stuffed animal to cuddle through childhood? For me, it was  Snoopy. Instead of soft, polyester filling, he was loaded with grains of tiny pebbles, which would leak out the well-worn parts of Snoopy’s fur. Over time, Snoopy lost a lot of weight that way, and Dr. Mom performed a few surgeries to try to keep him from looking completely deflated. That friend was with me at camps and on trips to Grandma’s, and he may have stowed away in my college suitcase.

My other stuffed bears, dogs and dolls were bagged and shelved when the time came, and they haven’t comforted any kids since. That’s why I was inspired to hear about Rescuing Teddy, the Hastings, Minn., organization that Marcie Freeman and her granddaughter, Lillian Dostal, started to rescue teddy bears from landfill fate and make them new-child ready.

A teddy bear rescue. This exists! You will love reading about it on p. 11.

In addition, we’ve got co-sleeping with dogs, a presidential pet museum, and cover dog, Riley, whose story is so miraculous and heartwarming, it’s hard to believe.

We could all use a few feel-good stories this season. This issue of the Wagazine is not about to let you down.