From the Editor, Winter 2015/2016

On the day after Christmas a few years ago, I drove to the Rochester Animal Control Shelter and paid the bail for two dogs who had arrived after their owner was arrested and lost the rights to them. The dogs were placed in foster care with a reputable rescue. They were adopted together and lived happily ever after.

I was grateful that these dogs had a temporary place to go until rescue could be secured, and the experience opened my eyes to the good work of our animal control officers. As you will read on p. 21, officers not only care for animals until they are reclaimed or adopted, they are first responders for animals in distress. Dogs in hot cars, cats in trees, turkeys in windows, you name it.

Just as those officers assist our furry friends in need, animals often aid humans who require emotional or physical support. Such is the case with Dr. Jack, a Miniature Pinscher who worked with over 6,000 patients during his time as a therapy dog at Mayo Clinic. He’s retired now, but his story on p. 16 is beautiful, especially because Jack is failing physically and relies on the support of his own family to get through his days. He is now receiving the love he’s given to others.

We hope these stories keep your heart warm this winter.