dog listening with big ear


From the Editor,
Summer 2017

My mission is to help pet parents and dogs enjoy the best quality life together,” said Donna Chicone in one of our email exchanges. Donna, pictured on the cover with her Portuguese Water Dogs, Jazz and Jive, had us at hello.

I peeked at her blog and two books and watched her 11-minute Tedx talk. This author and animal advocate has a message about super-pet-parenting that we pet parents need to hear. If I know anything about you Wagazine readers, it’s that you are serious about your pet relationships and want to be the best pet parents you can be. Donna Chicone’s advice will hit home for many of you.

As a long-time volunteer in the world of dog rescue, I have met and fostered lots of wonderful dogs hungry for human attention and anxious to learn. In her Tedx talk, Donna cites a study that found that 96 percent of all dogs surrendered to shelters had no basic obedience training.

“Dogs know how to live in a dog world. They do not know what’s expected of them in a human world,” she says. “It is their right and our responsibility to provide them with the basic training they need to be able to live comfortably in our human-controlled world.”

After meeting Donna on page 16, you may view your pet’s needs in a different way. She hopes her advice will help you “foster a lifetime of understanding, respect, and love for your four-legged treasure.”

At the photo shoot, we had the pleasure of meeting Jazz and Jive. We giggled because these accomplished, well-trained dogs wanted to focus on their mama rather than the camera. Three of us whistled and danced around to get their attention. In the end, Kelvin captured some sweet moments between Donna and her pups.

Enjoy the photos and the story. And all you super pet parents out there, enjoy your summer!