dog listening with big ear


Barks from Starks,
Spring 2018





WITH THIS ISSUE WE CELEBRATE 5 YEARS OF WAGAZINE. In 20 issues, we’ve featured dogs, cats, horses, fish, pigeons, reptiles, potbelly pigs, llamas, chickens, bunnies, tortoises, hedgehogs and foxes.

We’ve covered working animals, therapy animals, animals who beat the odds, veterinary care, training, rescues, sanctuaries, and books, businesses, organizations and events wholly devoted to animals.

We’ve won 9 awards for design and editorial. We’ve sponsored yappy hours and area rescue events. And we’ve had a terrific time chronicling the love affairs humans have with their furry family members.

This 21st issue continues our mission to help animal owners better understand, care for, and live with their pets. It is filled with stories of overcoming odds (oh gosh, that Bulldog!) and rescued animals doing remarkable things (bunnies doing agility, a one-eyed Chihuahua greeting customers), along with an engaging article on the cost of pets (yes, “expensive” covers it, but read why a rat may be the best starter pet). Plus training tips, and the story of how Mayo Clinic helped revive the once-endangered peregrine falcon species.

We are proud, also, to announce the winners of our Golden Paws Award. You readers helped identify the area’s best groomer, rescue, trainer, sitter and pet-friendly spots. Check them out on p. 8. We had a blast delivering the awards and interrupting these winners during training class, grooming, dog walking and riding lessons.

Everywhere we go, folks are happy to see Wagazine, and we’re happy to bring it to you. So here’s to the first five years and many more to come!