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Being a SUPER Pet Parent


Donna Chicone’s advice through books, television and a TEDx talk

By KL Snyder
Photography by Kelvin Andow


Everybody has a book in them,” says Donna Chicone. “Everybody should write a book. Some people think so and talk themselves out of it. I talk myself into it.”  Continue reading

Mobile Vets


These veterinarians make house calls

By Laurie Simon


Getting veterinary care typically involves loading your pet into your vehicle and driving to a clinic or hospital. It’s a ritual that some pets enjoy, but many don’t—especially when they suspect where you’re taking them.  Continue reading

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary


A place for farm animals to receive medical care and love 

By Amy Brase


Between the covers of classic children’s books, happy farm animals frolic and graze on endless acres of rolling green hills. The idyllic scenes comfort us into believing that everything is just as it should be.  Continue reading

“Bark” Yard Landscaping


Digging In for Dogs

By Konnie LeMay


Put it under the category of “seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Some landscape altering appeared to be the perfect solution to a dog-training problem. From our fenced-in backyard, our energetic German Shepherd-mix, “Turbo” Rachel, felt compelled to loudly alert the neighborhood whenever she saw a dog stroll by with its owner. The obvious solution—shrubbery.  Continue reading

Marvin the Bedbug Beagle


Sniffing out the tiny terrors is his only job

By Lauren Bedosky


When Adam’s Pest Control gets a call about a possible bedbug infestation, they can usually go out and find the offenders with a visual inspection.

“If they’ve got a medium to heavy infestation, they’re pretty easy to find quickly,” says Todd Leyse, president of Adam’s. But if it’s a small infestation, or a visual inspection brings up nothing, they’ll bring in their secret weapon: Marvin the Bedbug Beagle.  Continue reading

Pet Sitters PLUS


If you can’t bring yourself to bring your pet to a boarding facility, in-home pet sitters can provide top-notch care

By Nicole L. Czarnomski


Leaving a pet at home for a weekend or an extended time can be difficult for owners who consider the pet part of the family. Sometimes a boarding kennel is not an option. And although friends and neighbors mean well, your pets may not get the love and attention they deserve. A trusted sitter may be the solution. Continue reading

Saving Sable


Community networking helps two seniors by rehoming a sweet old cat

By Nicole L. Czarnomski


Quarry Hill Park Animal Hospital received a difficult phone call in April.

Mary Ann, a senior citizen, needed help finding a new home for her beloved 17-year-old cat, Sable. Although she cared deeply for Sable, her declining health required her to move to an assisted living community. Bringing Sable was not an option. Continue reading

Dog Days of Stockholm


A family festival finding good homes for great dogs 

By Marlene Petersen


It’s back! After a four-year hiatus, the

Dog Days of Stockholm returns Saturday, August 26 at Village Park in Stockholm, Wisc.

Join other dog lovers at this one-day, free festival where the whole family—especially Fido—can play games, get advice from vets and trainers, grab a bite to eat, shop and learn more about animal adoption. Continue reading

Canine Cheer on the Concourse


Animal Ambassadors at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport 

By Marlene Petersen  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow


Long, drawn faces. Passengers  slumped in chairs. Families squabbling. They’re common sights at any airport, including Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP).

Until Mimi enters the scene.

Then smiles emerge. Whispers circulate. Fussing quiets.

With her chocolate brown eyes, carefree expression and eager energy, Mimi brightens a room just by trotting into it. She’s an airport therapy dog at MSP and, for her, bringing joy is all in a day’s work. Continue reading