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From Fur Farm to Freedom


Save A Fox Rescue

By Anna Matetic  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Three excited adult foxes jump up in greeting when we enter the fox enclosure. Unwilling to be petted, they are more interested in the treats in our hands than us. Their noises of happiness are a cross between the squeaky meow of a cat and the short barks of a dog.

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Commercial pet photographer, talent agency owner, animal wrangler, dog trainer

By Bob Freund  |  Photography by Barbara O’Brien

On any one day, Barbara O’Brien might be snapping shots at photo session for retailer Target Stores. She might be on site working for clothing discounter Kohl’s. Or she might be auditioning 50 prospects for casting in a client’s next advertising campaign. Continue reading



Dogs greet travelers at Rochester’s airport

By Alison Rentschler  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

I meet Max near the gates and security entrance at the Rochester International Airport (RST). He stands out from the crowd, a large Long Haired German Shepherd. Max is a registered therapy dog, and he is with his handler, Victoria Cliby.  Continue reading

You are my Sunshine


This Penny is priceless

By Kathy A. Megyeri

For five years, Penny, a trained therapy dog owned by Jan Haycraft of Owatonna, Minn., has improved the lives of elders in senior centers throughout southern Minnesota. Penny has been a mood elevator, an entertainer, an aid in physical therapy and most of all, a true friend.  Continue reading

Following the Golden Rule


Golden Retriever rescue has paws in two countries

By Amy Brase


It’s difficult to resist the charm of a lovable Golden Retriever puppy. The breed is not only beautiful but is famous for being loyal, playful and smart.

According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers are among the top three most popular dogs in the United States. This makes it hard to understand the need for a Golden Retriever rescue organization.  Continue reading

Ask the Trainer




Q: “I have a 4-year-old Chihuahua from a puppy mill. She is insistent that she not be picked up and held, but I want to be able to take her on walks, give her baths and take her to the vet. How can I help her trust me?” Continue reading

Dogs & More: The GREAT Adoption Event


By Erin Pagel

It would be amazing if we could see 25 to 40 dogs, cats and pocket pets adopted—maybe even a few chickens!”

That’s Pam Miller’s goal for DOGS & more: The Great Adoption Event at the History Center of Olmsted County on September 30.

Pam is the owner of Bon Appetit Canine Bakery (BACB) and one of the organizers of the event hosted by BACB Unleashed and Rescued Animal Coalition of Southeastern Minnesota.  Continue reading

Being a SUPER Pet Parent


Donna Chicone’s advice through books, television and a TEDx talk

By KL Snyder
Photography by Kelvin Andow


Everybody has a book in them,” says Donna Chicone. “Everybody should write a book. Some people think so and talk themselves out of it. I talk myself into it.”  Continue reading

Mobile Vets


These veterinarians make house calls

By Laurie Simon


Getting veterinary care typically involves loading your pet into your vehicle and driving to a clinic or hospital. It’s a ritual that some pets enjoy, but many don’t—especially when they suspect where you’re taking them.  Continue reading

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary


A place for farm animals to receive medical care and love 

By Amy Brase


Between the covers of classic children’s books, happy farm animals frolic and graze on endless acres of rolling green hills. The idyllic scenes comfort us into believing that everything is just as it should be.  Continue reading