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Goat Yoga


By Erin Pagel


Laughter, sun salutations and bleating. Giggles, child’s pose and frolicking. It’s goat yoga!

This fitness trend is sweeping the nation, and this summer, Rochester’s Urban Yoga offered a Goat Yoga Workshop in the sunshine and open air.  Continue reading



Running + playing ball + speed = canine nirvana
By Holly Galbus   |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

It’s flyball. The fast-paced relay (think 17 seconds or less) that combines a dog’s two loves—running and playing ball—with a handler who loves a spirit of competition. Area flyball participants are enthusiastic about the team sport that both challenges and thrills, all while providing their high-energy dog with a fun outlet he loves. Continue reading



Delivering messages from pets to build a deeper understanding between animals and humans
By Kevin Krein

My companion rabbit is not particularly fond of what we refer to as “cooking sounds.”

My wife and I aren’t sure why this is, and for the past six years, we’ve been assuring Annabell that she isn’t in danger. I mean, she doesn’t even venture into the kitchen.  Continue reading

Saving Shepherds Of MN


By Holly Galbus



501 (c) (3). German Shepherd Dog rescue located in Roseville, Minn., founded by Lisa Veit, Randy Lenz, a retired K-9 officer, and Tressa Hinrichs. Rescues are housed by 10 to 12 active foster families in the area. The group relies on volunteers and donations for support. 
Continue reading

Ask the Trainer



Q: My dog shakes and hides during thunderstorms. How can I help her? 

A: Noise phobias are a common issue. Many dogs begin to display a profound fear of thunder, fireworks, or other loud noises around 5-8 years of age, although some dogs will develop these fears earlier. If your dog is suffering, please know that this is a treatable problem.  Continue reading

The Don’ts of the Dog Park


Avoid these “faux paws” to keep all dogs safe at the playground
By Erin Pagel

Dog parks are about community and bringing owners and dogs together. From Miller’s Canine Playground in St. Charles to Lake Chase in Owatonna to Prairie Island Dog Park in Winona, southeast Minnesota is fortunate to have many parks where pooches and their people can romp and play. Continue reading

Dogs Welcome Here


Fido-Friendly Businesses
By Erin Pagel  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

We love our dogs and we love taking them wherever we go. They are ready at a moment’s notice, never complain about our driving or music selections, and don’t care where we are going (with the probable exception of the vet).  Continue reading

Barking Dozen Dog Treats


How a donation of spent beer grain turned in to a canine enterprise 
By Anna Matetic  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

A five-gallon bucket of spent grain was a donation from a friend who brewed his own beer, and it started John Krumm’s journey to his Barking Dozen dog treat enterprise.

Continue reading

In Lieu of Flowers


When the owner of three dogs dies unexpectedly, a rescue anda family come together to ensure their care
By Ellington Starks

Some rescue stories stick with you.

This one started with an email from a woman in Texas. She explained that her brother, in Iowa, Gary, had died unexpectedly, leaving three Springer Spaniels in need of homes. They were living outdoors; a neighbor was feeding them, and help couldn’t come soon enough. Continue reading

Betty Boop: Simply Irresistible


Disabled from birth, abandoned, rescued. This beat-the-odds Bulldog pup sparkles with spunk.
By KL Snyder  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

With Betty Boop, the pictures speak for themselves,” says Chris Maddox, a rescuer, friend and fan of the peppy puppy with the funny name. Continue reading