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Oh Yes You Can teach an Old Dog New Tricks


6 good reasons to adopt a senior
By KL Snyder  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Regarding puppies and grownup dogs and their adoption appeal, pups have the upper paw. 

Shelter and rescue youngsters, silly and cute, find homes quickly while their more dignified elders wait and wait. That’s too bad, because for many adopters, a senior dog—senior means older than 7 or 8 years—is the perfect choice. Continue reading

Supporting Senior Dogs


Adapt diet, exercise and your home as your dog ages
By Jennifer Gangloff   |   Photography by Grape Soda Photography

At nearly 14 years old, our Chocolate Lab, Sophie, is in rough shape.

With muscle wasting and weakness in her hind limbs, she frequently stumbles, drags a back paw or even falls sideways when a leg gives out. Super well-behaved throughout her life, she now sometimes has accidents in the house. When outside to go potty, she often stands in the grass staring into space for long minutes, apparently unsure what to do. She can’t go up or down the stairs without help. And she has a variety of lumps, cysts and growths on her abdomen and sides. She is sometimes anxious, licking herself or panting. She’s at least half deaf and blind. Continue reading

This place is a HOOT!


International Owl Center
By Amy Brase

Don’t just “wing it” when a “get out of town” feeling strikes. Make a day trip to Houston, Minnesota. 

Whoooo’s it for?
Those who love the awe-inspiring, magnificent or downright adorable. In other words, it’s for everyone: All ages, all backgrounds. 

Drop in and See
All things owl. Live feathered friends steal the spotlight, of course. The twice-a-day interactive programs with kid-friendly content are the heart of the center.  Continue reading

Ask the Trainer



Q: Help! I have two very different dogs, and a big extended family coming to our house for the holidays. One dog is only 6 months old and wild. The other one is 8 and barks constantly whenever we have visitors. If they try to pet her, she barks louder and snips at them! How do I get both dogs to just calm down and behave? Continue reading

Cat Chronicles


As they wait for the purr-fect families, the cats of Prairie’s Edge Humane Society interact with staff and volunteers
By Kevin Krein

At Prairie’s Edge Humane Society, cats come and go.

I’m there twice a week—on Tuesdays as a kennel attendant; then, on Wednesdays, as a volunteer: socializing with new faces and with cats who are having difficulty adjusting to the atmosphere; or simply saying hello to those I’ve developed a bit of an attachment to.  Continue reading

A Life Well Lived


Caring for cats and people
By Alison Rentschler

Karlys “Kari” Koens lived a life that spread love and joy to all who knew her. Kari loved and cared for her family, friends and cats. Her faith was important to her, too. As a friend of hers for several years, I’ll miss her joyful spirit and our many fun adventures. Kari passed away on Nov. 2, 2018, as a result of a pedestrian-car accident while walking to work in Rochester, Minn.  Continue reading

Book Review – A Healing Justice


A Healing Justice
by Kristin Von Kreisler, c.2018, Kensington Books,
$15.95, 256 pages

It happened so fast that Andrea Brady barely had time to think.

There she was, just home after an overtime shift with the San Julian, Wash., Police Department and ready for some sofa-time with her K9 partner and best bud, Justice, when Justice ran into the woods behind their house. One minute, he was snarling, then he’d been stabbed and was shrieking in pain, and a man with a knife was racing toward Andrea, who had seconds to react. 

Pulling her weapon, she shot the man dead, but the “man” was a mere boy—Christopher, a teenager who lived just down the lane. Continue reading

Book Review – Saving Winslow


Saving Winslow
by Sharon Creech, c.2018, Joanna Cotler Books,
$16.99, 176 pages

When 10-year-old Louie got up that mid-winter morning, he was sure the laundry basket held something dead. 

He wouldn’t have been too surprised if it had. His dad was always bringing small animals home from Uncle Pete’s farm and most of them died. 

Louie wanted a puppy, but he was a little afraid of getting any new pet and he wasn’t so sure about this thing in the laundry basket. Continue reading

Believe in Believet


Dogs serving those who served
By Kevin Krein 

I met Sam Daly at the beginning of 2015. It had been an unforgiving, cold winter. One of my companion rabbits, Sophie, had passed away unexpectedly, and I was a mess—I had been for weeks. Despite this, I was expected to show up for work at the newspaper, sit in my cubicle, and generate stories. Continue reading

This Old Horse


Honoring and nurturing retired and rescued horses
By Tracy Will

At This Old Horse, everyone has a past. 

Ruger is a retired therapy horse.  

Bhaldi was an accomplished dressage competitor. George was a family’s faithful show animal. Gigi and Big are thoroughbred royalty, descended from Triple Crown champions. 

Some have sadder tales. Talia and Nadia, two matched Arab mares, were abandoned and left to survive on their own. Rhomi was so thin, at one time you could count her bones through her coat. Continue reading