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There’s a Horse in the Elevator


Pint-sized therapy horses give comfort, laughter and surprise 
By KL Snyder, Photography by Kelvin Andow

When it comes to lifting spirits, therapy dogs and therapy horses are equal,” said Chris Humble, volunteer services director at Seasons Hospice in Rochester.

“Both bring a lot of joy and spread a lot of love. But there’s something about a miniature horse walking out of an elevator that creates a stir.” Continue reading

Healing Haven


Between the shelter and the foster home: a place for animals to decompress
By Amy Brase  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

It’s not hard to imagine the horror of being displaced from our homes into shelters without our familiar surroundings and people. We know that we wouldn’t be ourselves due to the stress.  Continue reading

Stroke of Luck


A boost from alternative medicines, acupuncture and chiropractic, helped a stricken dog recover and frolic again. 
by KL Snyder  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

When a stroke crippled Kate Herness’ 12-year-old Chocolate Lab, Berit, euthanasia loomed as a logical option. Kate thought otherwise.

In March 2016, two months before Berit’s collapse, Kate herself, at 51, had suffered a major stroke. She’d lost the use of the left side of her body and was told the paralysis was permanent. The day after learning the grim prognosis, she began to recover. If she could get better, maybe Berit could, too. Continue reading

A Stable Environment


Equine Park at Montgomery Meadows Offers a Community for Horse Enthusiasts
By Tracy Will

For many people with a passion for horses, the idea of having the animals close by to ride and enjoy would be a dream come true. But obtaining the land, facilities and space required to make that happen can be daunting. Now a new development in Byron, Minn., is offering the best of both worlds.  Continue reading

Ask the Trainer


Cat and dog together lying on the floor


Q: “We are considering adding a cat to our two-dog household. Our dogs are very mellow but how do we cat-test them? And how to best find a feline fit for the home? Continue reading

Canine Compassion


After a difficult start in life, therapy dog Maisie returns the love that saved her
By Kim Jaworski

Compassion can be the awareness of another’s struggle and our willingness to stand with them and walk with them through their difficulty. Sometimes it is bearing witness to their struggle and supporting them as best we can as they move forward.  Continue reading

From Fur Farm to Freedom


Save A Fox Rescue

By Anna Matetic  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Three excited adult foxes jump up in greeting when we enter the fox enclosure. Unwilling to be petted, they are more interested in the treats in our hands than us. Their noises of happiness are a cross between the squeaky meow of a cat and the short barks of a dog.

Continue reading



Commercial pet photographer, talent agency owner, animal wrangler, dog trainer

By Bob Freund  |  Photography by Barbara O’Brien

On any one day, Barbara O’Brien might be snapping shots at photo session for retailer Target Stores. She might be on site working for clothing discounter Kohl’s. Or she might be auditioning 50 prospects for casting in a client’s next advertising campaign. Continue reading



Dogs greet travelers at Rochester’s airport

By Alison Rentschler  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

I meet Max near the gates and security entrance at the Rochester International Airport (RST). He stands out from the crowd, a large Long Haired German Shepherd. Max is a registered therapy dog, and he is with his handler, Victoria Cliby.  Continue reading