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Believe in Believet


Dogs serving those who served
By Kevin Krein 

I met Sam Daly at the beginning of 2015. It had been an unforgiving, cold winter. One of my companion rabbits, Sophie, had passed away unexpectedly, and I was a mess—I had been for weeks. Despite this, I was expected to show up for work at the newspaper, sit in my cubicle, and generate stories. Continue reading

This Old Horse


Honoring and nurturing retired and rescued horses
By Tracy Will

At This Old Horse, everyone has a past. 

Ruger is a retired therapy horse.  

Bhaldi was an accomplished dressage competitor. George was a family’s faithful show animal. Gigi and Big are thoroughbred royalty, descended from Triple Crown champions. 

Some have sadder tales. Talia and Nadia, two matched Arab mares, were abandoned and left to survive on their own. Rhomi was so thin, at one time you could count her bones through her coat. Continue reading

Sweet Wine and a Canine


La Crescent winery has a memorable mascot
By Holly Galbus  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

With keen eyes and a regal air, Molly sits and surveys the work going on around her. Her family members, Art and Colleen Stender and their son Jason, are all hard at work making the fresh fruit wines that are produced at Molly’s Winery in La Crescent, Minn. 

“She’s the boss of the winery,” Colleen says. “She’s the queen.” Continue reading

RX for Wellness: Get a Pet


Pet lovers know – and science agrees – animal companions benefit human health
By KL Snyder  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

If laughter is the best medicine, then a pet is the primo prescription. “No one can speak of his pet without laughing,” says Mayo Clinic oncologist Ed Creagan, who speaks and writes extensively on the therapeutic powers of companion animals.  Continue reading

Leash training your cat


A safe way to explore outside—as long as the cat remains in charge
By Bryan Lund

Some people don’t like the idea of walking a cat on a leash, like it runs at odds with the fierce independence of a feline spirit. 

Just because a cat is safe on a leash doesn’t mean it’s not shot-calling, though. Just ask my neighbor, Karen Hyland, who’s been taking her cat, Tyler, a blue-ribbon-winning Maine Coon, on leashed adventures for 14 years.

“The cat walks you. You don’t walk the cat,” she says. Continue reading

Love letter to Scout


Horse full of grace for her rider
By Mary Kettl

It’s been more than 10 years since I have gotten off my horse to open a gate. As an older person, one with the agility and reflexes of a filing cabinet, I avoid stepping on and off a horse any more than necessary.  Continue reading

Ask the Trainer



QHow can I help my dog handle the loss of someone special? More broadly, how can we help our pets with loss and grief? All of a sudden, someone they love might disappear. This could be the loss of a human family member, pet sibling, close friend or therapy dog’s patient.
~ Jean R.  Continue reading

Pets with Allergies


4 questions answered
By Erin Pagel

Itching. Sneezing. Scratching. When your cat or dog has allergies, it can be a miserable experience for both you and your furry friend. To make matters worse, Fluffy’s and Fido’s attempts to relieve the symptoms by scratching and grooming aggressively only serve to make the situation worse. 

Here are four things to know about allergies in pets. Continue reading

Book Review – “Tomorrow: A Novel”


“Tomorrow: A Novel”
By Damian Dibben, c.2018, Hanover Square Press,
$26.99, 335 pages

His master told him to wait by the cathedral steps.

And so he did, for 225 years, since they day they were separated by a crowd inside that stone building. He even slept nearby, waiting, in case there was one molecule of smell from the man he loved. Continue reading

Book Review – “Have Dog, Will Travel: A Poet’s Journey”


“Have Dog, Will Travel: A Poet’s Journey”
By Stephen Kuusisto, c.2018, Simon & Schuster,
$25, 241 pages



That’s how Stephen Kuusisto describes what it’s like to walk with a guide dog. When using a white cane or human escort, a blind man doesn’t move nearly as fast as he could with a pup like Kuusisto’s Corky at the end of a lead.

It wasn’t always like that. Continue reading