RV Adventures



A motorhome named Lt. Pete Mitchell transforms weekends into retreats for a couple and their dogs
By Tonya Miller

In 2014, after having tried most other camping vessels, we bought a motorhome—
a 30-foot 1997 Georgie Boy Maverick Class C that we named Lt. Pete Mitchell.

We were immediately hooked. Having the RV means we can go anywhere we want and bring our dogs without worrying about where they will stay or if they are allowed or if we’ll need to pay a pet deposit.

Meet the riders

I am an introvert and I enjoy having a fair amount of time to myself to create all of the things that go on in my brain. Being in the RV with my family is the best place to accomplish this. I drag all of my “hobbies” along every weekend because I have no idea what mood may strike.

Hubs is an extrovert and likes to explore and be out among the people. He loves to ride his bike, take the dogs on a hike or to the water and chat with people or dogs that come along.

Our Miniature Pinscher, Ruby, is a 6-pound, high-strung bundle of nerves and energy who is strong willed and loyal to a fault. She is skeptical of strangers but sweet when she warms up to them.

Our Chihuahua, Belle, is potentially the sweetest dog in the world. She is cuddly and would let you pet her for hours. Her bark is low and raspy. She is … not skinny. Despite being “husky,” Belle is a go-getter … before she reverts to nap mode.

Our Shepherd/Lab/Husky mix, Maddux, is the adventurous dog of the group. He is 80 pounds and loves to sit shotgun in the RV. He likes to hike and pull a sled in the winter. He will sit outside wherever we are and watch the world go by, unless there is a squirrel; then he is all about the squirrel.

Ready to go

Ruby can hear Lt Pete Mitchell’s engine, and she starts to become insane. Belle props herself up to see what all the fuss is about. They get so excited, they run circles around each other and bark. I assume the barking is in case we would ever think of leaving without them.

Maddux only gets wound up towards the end of the packing-up process. He can see all the food and backpacks going in, and he will howl to let us know he is ready. When we let them all outside to leave, they run to Pete. Maddux takes his place in the front, and the girls and I relax in the back on the couch.

Boondocking in Red Wing

We travel mostly in southern Minnesota on the weekends during the summer. We enjoy boondocking, which means you park anywhere legal, like a parking lot or a side street, but there are no RV hookups.

Red Wing is my favorite place to stay. We have been there several times, but the most enjoyable time was when Hubs and I parked outside of Andy’s Sports Bar and went in for a bite and beer. He stayed for the Wild hockey game while the dogs and
I napped in the camper.

After the game, we looked for an overnight spot. The next day, we took our bikes down a trail to the farmers market (redwingfarmersmarket.org) where we were able to get some great pineapple salsa and baked goods.

We gathered the crew and went for a long walk in Bay Point Park. Later, we ate some of our farmers market treats and took a nap. After taking the pups for a potty break, we walked up to Bayside Tap & Steakhouse (baysidetapandsteakhouse.com) for a relaxing lunch.

For us RVing has been a great way to connect with our fur family and be able to do what we love to do, together or separately. We never thought a seemingly mundane purchase would bring
us as much joy as it has.

Tonya Miller is a wife, fur mama and artist. Nothing makes her happier than being in the RV with her art supplies and her family. Read about her family’s adventures at http://rvdogventures.com.