Yappy Hour



Happy Hour + Dogs = Yappy Hour

By KL Snyder   |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

On certain summer Sundays at Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill, you can BYOD (bring your own dog).

Yappy Hour is doglish for pet friendly happy hour, a merry gathering of social animals, human and canine. Held outdoors on the patio at Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill, Yappy Hour was a winner from its 2013 start.

“Lots of guests said it would be nice if they could have dogs on our patio,” says Jim Nicholas, owner of Wildwood. He agreed—he’s a dog person, too—and took out the requisite permit and announced, dogs allowed.

“It’s fun,” says Etta Meinecke, a regular from the beginning. Her dogs, English Springer Spaniels Alvin and Snoopy, take turns attending Yappy Hour. They rotate with each other and with the Springers Etta fosters for English Springer Rescue America. “I love to take the foster dogs to get them out to socialize and to get exposure,” she says.

It’s a lively scene during Yappy Hour, but always well-mannered. “It amazes me how well the dogs behave with the smells of food and all the activity,” Etta says. Their people are good owners who know when their dogs need a break or a walk.

“People are cautious about their dogs,” Jim says, “and leave if the dogs seem uncomfortable. Everybody is well-behaved. And the dogs are well-behaved, too.”

Yappy Hour also welcomes the dogless. “Some people come in to eat in the restaurant, see the dogs and ask to sit on the patio so they can meet and mingle and chat about dogs,” he says.

The all-around social aspect is Etta’s favorite Yappy Hour highlight. “I love being able to go places with a dog, talk to other dog people, talk about rescues and, of course, eat out on the patio.”

The canines likewise enjoy the social aspect of the interspecies gathering. “The dogs love the attention they get from all the people.”

On Yappy Hour Sundays (see the schedule), you’re welcome to BYOD all day. Yappy Days!

Freelancer KL Snyder writes to support two unruly but loveable Cocker Spaniels.

2016 Yappy Hour Schedule

Wildwood presents Yappy Hour on the patio, weather permitting, 3–6 p.m. on the following dates: June 5 and 19, July 10 and 24, Aug. 14 and 28, Sept. 18
Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill
1517 16th St SW, Rochester 507-226-8380