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Two for the Show


Local English Setters are already show champions, one eyeing Westminster
By Bryan Lund  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

At just 21 months of age, English Setter Belle is already leading a double life. At home, she spends her days lounging on owner Lee Afdahl’s lap while her canine brother Douglas, 3 ½, sits on Van Jacobsen’s. Either that or she’s racing around on the acres they live on, collecting straw and sticks in her beautiful undercoat. Continue reading

Bark at Me


Pet Expert Q&A
By Donna Chicone 

Simple Joys: Walking
Include your dog in exercise routines. Everyone can walk year round, even in four-season climates. I always say, “If your dog is overweight, you are not getting enough exercise.” 

 Pet Parent Question
“My dog is overweight. Do daily walks really make a difference?”  Continue reading

Patios for Pets


These restaurants welcome paws in outdoor seating
By Holly Galbus
Photography by Kelvin Andow

Sunshine, blue skies, warm breezes. It’s what we Minnesotans crave after a long winter of being cooped up indoors. 

What better way to celebrate a lovely spring or summer day than with a meal at one of the many restaurant patios in the area? And of course, we want to bring our best friend to share in the fun! It can also be fun for the other restaurant patrons, as they often join in on and even initiate conversations when we bring our pets along. Continue reading

Top Dog Foundation


Giving senior dogs a second chance
By Alison Rentschler

Established: 2004
Location: New Germany, Minn.
Mission: “We rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a loving and permanent home for dogs who are deemed unadoptable because of age and health and who would otherwise be unnecessarily euthanized.” Continue reading

Ask the Trainer



Q: My dog humps other dogs at the dog park. He’s neutered but he does it anyway. How do I make him stop?

ANobody wants their dog to hump! Experts agree that the first step in resolving this issue has to do with figuring out why it’s happening. Continue reading

CBD and Pets


What science, vets, FDA and owners say about this centuries-old product
By Konnie LeMay

Jo O’Brien doesn’t need scientific research to tell her how CBD products can aid dogs. All she has to do is miss a week’s treatment with her little Miss Molly.

“Miss Molly is 4 and has been on the CBD oil for a little over a year,” O’Brien tells The Wagazine. “She is a Corgi with some arthritis in hip joints. Occasionally she has had to go a week without her oil, and it shows when she is off it. I try hard not to run out without having more on hand.” Continue reading

Furry Freeloaders


My Roommates are Bleeding Me Dry, but They Sure Are Soft
By Nicole Rusch

My first mistake was thinking a roommate would help make living in the city more affordable. 

If one roommate can bring in some cash, just think what three or five could do. I seriously needed someone to split expenses with, but I don’t care much for people, so I had a real conflict on my hands. 

If you too are thinking of getting a roommate for financial reasons, learn from my experience. Here are some considerations. Continue reading

Cancer, a Cat and a Second Chance


Sometimes it Takes a Village
By Kevin Krein


“You know, it sounds cliché,”  Nicole Czarnomski said. “But I feel like everybody can get a second chance—I have been given a second chance.”

Czarnomski was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2017, and, following a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, five months of chemotherapy and 25 radiation treatments, she has been cancer free since the summer of 2018.  Continue reading

From Blue to Brue


Retired K9 Officer James Kenison introduces Paw Print Brewery
By Bryan Lund  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

As he enters his first winter in 25 years without a gun belt, it is entirely possible that Paw Print Brewery owner James Kenison will feel nostalgic for his former life as a law enforcement K9 trainer. Continue reading

Bark at Me


Pet Expert Q&A
By Donna Chicone

Holiday Hazards

Over the holidays, you should factor your pets in to celebrations from a safety perspective. Costumes can be fun for humans, but they can restrict a dog’s natural movement, and most dogs do not like wearing them. Sugary foods like chocolate can be digestive nightmares and even toxic for dogs. Plants like mistletoe, glow lights, gift-wrap and ribbon can be hazardous. Decorations in general should be dog friendly. Continue reading