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Animal First Aid & CPR


Two courses offered locally
By Kevin Krein

There are countless moments of joy, fun, laughter, and maybe sometimes a little frustration that happen during life with a companion animal. At times, there can also be that slight sense of worry—like, what if my dog has been injured, and the nearest 24-hour vet clinic is far away? Continue reading

Combatting Cabin Fever


Keeping dogs, cats and humans sane through the winter

I knew that cabin fever had hit hard last February when Pan, my then 3-year-old dog, kept us up late two nights in row.

Understand, Pan is not the kind of dog to stay up. He will sometimes beat my husband and me to bed and tuck himself in under the covers. Once the lights are off, he’s out for the night. So two late nights of him parkouring across our tired bodies, joyfully squeaking a toy, were cause for concern. Continue reading

Ask the Trainer



Q: What’s the best dog breed for a daycare home? I need something safe with kids. No-shedding would be ideal too.

A: Choosing a dog is an exciting time for any family. Add the specific needs of an in-home daycare to the mix, and your choice becomes even more important. Continue reading

Book Review


Doctor Dogs: How Our Best Friends are Becoming Our Best Medicine
By Maria Goodavage, c.2019, Dutton, 
$28, 353 pages

Nobody smiles like your dog does.

He’s happy to see you come back whenever, he wiggles, he brings you toys, he chortles, and then there’s that smile. No matter what happened to your day, your dog is the best part of it and in this book, you’ll see that she may be best for your health, too. Continue reading

Sound Companion


Life is easier with a hearing assist dog
By Karen Smith

Sassy, a 16-month-old terrier mix who resembled Winn Dixie, was my first hearing assist dog. She had been a homeless dog in Sacramento before the SPCA of San Francisco rescued her and trained her as an assistance dog. Continue reading

Cowboy the Cockatoo


Scamp, charmer, prodigy with a yellow crest
By KL Snyder 


Bristling with high IQ and high jinx, Cowboy the Cockatoo turns “birdbrain” into  a compliment and antics into an art. When this winged rascal cocks an ear at you, speak discreetly because he doesn’t. And he’s a whiz at linguistics.

Some years ago Cowboy and his dad (his featherless father) Mark Chambers went river cruising. Because the boat was new to Mark, he used extra care as he steered it into the dock—an overkill of caution in the opinion of the trailing boater who bellowed, “Drive the effing boat!” Except he didn’t say “effing.” Continue reading

Bark at Me


Pet Expert Q&A
By Donna Chicone 


Canine Health Care + Insurance

Dogs need to have annual medical check-ups just like humans do. Senior dogs should be seen twice a year and more if necessary. An annual check up will allow you and your veterinarian to identify problems early rather than later. It allows your dog to have an experience with the vet when he is not having discomfort. You and your vet get to know each other during these preventive visits. Socialization and preventive care occur in the same experience for your dog.  Continue reading

Taking the Reins


Volunteering with retired rescued horses restores hope and renews a childhood love
By Andrea Gates

The Wagazine changed my life. 

About six years ago we moved from Southern California to Rochester to be closer to my nonagenarian parents. Because of my husband’s career, we have moved around a lot, and we’ve thrived every place we landed. I grew up in Southeastern Minnesota, so imagine my surprise when moving “back home” proved to be my one unhappy transplant. Continue reading

Reading to Rover


Dogs listen without judgement, silently encouraging children to love reading
By Patti Anderson

“Go Dog Go!” said a very enthusiastic first grade girl to her furry faced friend. She was reading a popular children’s book to Ernie, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon dog that seemed enthralled with the story. The little girl hugged and petted Ernie while she read, only stopping to show him the pictures. Continue reading

Healing Energy


The connections between massage, Reiki, people, and animals
By Kevin Krein


Prior to the passing of our companion rabbit Annabell in the spring of 2018, as my wife and I were trying to figure out why her health was suddenly deteriorating, we consulted with a veterinarian who performed minor chiropractic adjustments on Annabell during a visit. Continue reading