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Ask the Trainer



Q: My dog barks at other dogs on walks and I can’t get her attention.
She’s friendly off leash, but when we’re walking she looks like Cujo! Help!

A: “When friendly dogs turn crazy on leash, it is often frustration coming out,” explains Carrie Davis, CPDT-KA of Paws Abilities Dog Training.  Continue reading

Book Reviews


Pirate Chicken: All Hens on Deck
By Brian Yanish, pictures by Jess Pauwels, c.2019, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $17.99, 32 pages

Lily the Hen was like no other chicken in the coop.

While other hens were happy to peck in the dirt and roost, Lily loved science, reading and exploring. She knew there were big things to see, and she aimed to see them. Continue reading

Home to Dwell


Cat spirits have found a home, mischief and all, in a local boutique
By Bryan Lund


Like most cats, the ghost-kittens haunting Dwell Local boutique in Rochester move about in stealth. Until it’s time to bat something off a shelf. 

That’s how Paul Bennett, lover of cats and owner of Dwell, first realized he shares real estate with spirit-pets. Continue reading

Detecting Diabetes


Milo the Service Dog is Much More Than a Pet
By Amy Brase  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

“Get help…”

Sharyn French quietly urges her Black Labrador, Milo, as she lies sideways on the floor of a conference room.

Seven-year-old Milo is unaware that this is not a true emergency, but rather a demonstration of his ability as a Diabetic Alert Dog. With increasingly distressed whimpering, Milo runs to me, nudges and then runs back to Sharyn. If needed, he is also trained to open a handicap access door or one with
a tug strap. 

In other words, Milo is more than just Sharyn’s constant companion and yoga partner; he is also her potential lifesaver.  Continue reading

Dogs and Cats: The Reference Guide


From nutrition to emergency care,
here are the basics for your beloved pets
By Konnie LeMay

Ever wish you had your pet’s health information at your fingertips? With this story, I hope to bring you tidy bits of important information to ponder and preserve for quick reference. To gather up the facts, I gleaned information and research from a number of websites mentioned within, but also from chatting with Dr. Kristi Flynn, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota College Veterinary Medicine in St. Paul, and Penny Poole, a certified veterinary technician and practice manager at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Rochester, Minnesota, an emergency vet clinic. BluePearl operates in 21 states. Continue reading

A Place to Rest


Resthaven Horse Rescue
By Kevin Krein  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Kathy Peterson says the one thing about horse people is they are born with what she calls a “horse gene.” 

“You either have it, or you don’t. But you have it your whole life if you do have it. I can’t explain it any better than that.” Continue reading

Diabetes in Cats and Dogs


Signs, treatment, prevention
By Louis Livingston-Garcia

In 2015 I got a phone call at work from my mother in Wisconsin. My nearly 20-pound cat had to be put down. He was very sick for some time and my mother was told he wasn’t going to make it. The vet wasn’t sure what it was, but it sounded like diabetes.  Continue reading

Book Reviews


Hero Dogs by Wilma Melville with Paul Lobo,
c.2019, St. Martin’s Press, $28.99, 336 pages

They started as an idea from the ashes of disaster.

When Wilma Melville saw Oklahoma City’s Murrah Federal Building on that spring morning in 1995, she was stunned. Debris was everywhere, which meant that odors were, too. Her search and rescue (SAR) dog, Murphy, was capable of finding any possible survivors. Melville recognized that America needed more SAR teams. Continue reading



How a Golden Retriever and Something-Very-Stubborn Cross from Kentucky Found a Home in Rochester
By KL Snyder  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Four years ago during a March visit to Kentucky, Kay Rydeen of Rochester spotted a dog, all zoom and golden fluff, dashing around a parking lot at the entrance to a hiking trail near Daniel Boone National Forest. The dog was alone; a busy highway ran alongside the lot; Kay was concerned. Continue reading

Bark at Me


Pet Expert Q&A
By Donna Chicone 


The 4th of July is a fun holiday to celebrate. However, many dogs do not enjoy the loud noises that accompany fireworks. Dogs can startle and run away. July 4 is the day the most dogs are identified as lost. Some dogs will escape the noise by hiding under beds or a space that feels safe. They may tremble in fear and anxiousness. Thunderstorms any time of year can also be distressing for dogs. 

 Pet Parent Question

“My dog physically shakes and hides under the chair when he hears any loud noise. What can I do to help him?”  Continue reading