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Little Acorn Sanctuary


10 Chickens, 5 Goats, 2 Dogs, 2 Women, and 2 Children

By Kevin Krein  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

I started calling them “sad days”—the days where I find it’s more challenging to manage my poor mental health, and redirect myself into focusing on something else.

In a text message exchange with my wife, she asks how I’m doing, and I tell her that I’m having a bit of a “sad day.”

She responds, “Maybe the animals will help?” Continue reading

Building for the Future


Improved facilities and technologies help vets better serve pets

By Holly Galbus  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Pet ownership is on the rise in the United States. According to 2017-2018 American Pet Products Association data, 68 percent, or 85 million families in the U.S. own a pet. That’s up six percent from 2014. And, more than ever before, we are including our pets in many of our daily activities, dining out and vacations.  Continue reading

Project Puppy


Pairing Trainers with Fosters to Raise Rescue Litters


Trainer Lindsay Kinney, CPDT-KA, is an advocate for puppies. And she saw a problem. 

“In running weekly puppy classes, I would have students attend with 10-week-old puppies they had just adopted who were already showing concerning behaviors. Not everyone realizes that socialization begins the moment the puppy is able to interact with their environment and receive input.  Continue reading

Mind over Motorskills


Pet Portrait Artist Creates While Coping with Movement Disorder

By Bob Freund

There’s a Big Dog in the room where John Kittleson works. A wall-sized portrait of yellow Labrador Retriever—its muzzle much larger than life-sized—looks silently over Kittleson’s shoulder as he draws.

The Big Dog gives a hint of Kittleson’s passions for both art and animals. He combines the two in his vivid portraits of peoples’ pets. Yes, he can sketch horses, cats, and farm animals, but his core subjects are dogs of all kinds. “I just finished my 82nd portrait in five years,” the artist says. Continue reading

Bad on the Run


Lost cat remains nonchalant about his disappearance while owner panics

By Bryan Lund


I only left for an hour. 

Bad was gone when I came back. His distressed sister, Boujee, who was left behind to meow by the floor-level window he’d clearly fallen out of. Guilt flooded into my stomach. Neither Bad nor Boujee are outdoor cats. Loyal Wagazine readers may remember that my ex and I had made attempts to leash-train them, but brief trips around the front yard are as far into the wild as they ever got.  Continue reading

Grieving a Pet


There’s no manual for this emotional journey. Here’s how two pet owners coped.

By Renee Berg

The week she graduated from college, Rochester native Sarah Shonyo Boilson went to Paws & Claws Humane Society to adopt a dog. She arrived to meet one dog but left with another: Lady.

A then 4-year-old mixed breed, Lady had been at the humane society for several months. That day, she went home with Boilson, and the two were constant companions for 12 years—as Boilson went from college student to employee, from single to married, from childless to mother of one. Continue reading

Bark at Me!


By Donna Chicone 

Tis the Season

Spring is just around the corner, and dog parents are thinking about heartworm and flea and tick protection. Work with your veterinarian on the most appropriate treatment. Many pet parents are also looking for more holistic and natural treatments. Traditional and holistic treatments can work together and both can be effective.  Continue reading

When the CHIPS are down


Orphaned newborn puppy needs a surrogate mother to survive
By Ellington Starks

Animal rescues are urgent by nature. This one was a matter of life and death.

On Feb. 16, 2018, the shelter in Detroit Lakes received two newborn pups whose Springer Spaniel mama had died in labor the night before. The relinquishing family knew they didn’t have the resources to keep the pups alive, so they reached out to the shelter in the hopes that the newborns could be saved. Continue reading

Oh Yes You Can teach an Old Dog New Tricks


6 good reasons to adopt a senior
By KL Snyder  |  Photography by Kelvin Andow

Regarding puppies and grownup dogs and their adoption appeal, pups have the upper paw. 

Shelter and rescue youngsters, silly and cute, find homes quickly while their more dignified elders wait and wait. That’s too bad, because for many adopters, a senior dog—senior means older than 7 or 8 years—is the perfect choice. Continue reading

Supporting Senior Dogs


Adapt diet, exercise and your home as your dog ages
By Jennifer Gangloff   |   Photography by Grape Soda Photography

At nearly 14 years old, our Chocolate Lab, Sophie, is in rough shape.

With muscle wasting and weakness in her hind limbs, she frequently stumbles, drags a back paw or even falls sideways when a leg gives out. Super well-behaved throughout her life, she now sometimes has accidents in the house. When outside to go potty, she often stands in the grass staring into space for long minutes, apparently unsure what to do. She can’t go up or down the stairs without help. And she has a variety of lumps, cysts and growths on her abdomen and sides. She is sometimes anxious, licking herself or panting. She’s at least half deaf and blind. Continue reading